Create with your dreams this winter

January 27th, 2024, 10:00am PST

the Creative Circle

AS A wild, intuitive HUMxN…

You are the artist of your own life – and your creative dreams are unique on this planet. What are you doing with yours?

The Creative Circle I host is an open, seasonal opportunity for a global community of like minded, creative humxns to gather online and be inspired together. 

Will you give your creative self space to play and dream?

This is the WINTER 2024 creative circle - 

a GIFT to begin the year.

dive into the DREAMS OF WINTER

For the first Creative Circle for 2024, I am so excited to explore the dreams of Winter.

Whether you have a current project you want to begin the year fresh with or you are simply looking for creative community to be cozy — The Earth and I are here to welcome you to this quarter’s Creative Circle. 

What will we dream of together?


- Jenn

“With Claire's array of creative tools, resources, and a touch of whimsy, she helps you craft your own unique experience.”

- Emma

“I felt truly seen and heard, well held and safe in this creative container.”

- Heather

"Claire invites the kind of stillness that lets you reconnect with your own truth and allow your own unique creativity to emerge forth.”

In the Circle, we play with:

  • A guided meditation to clear space for your creativity and listen to your inner voice


  • Learn from animals to receive Earth wisdom, creative seeds and prompts


  • Receive gentle guidance from Claire to explore your intuitive dreams


The Creative Circle is an invitation to playfully pause – a space for your inner creatures to soar and create something new.




save your seat now and join the creative community

90 minutes of softly falling WINTER MAGIC


Practice clearing space for your creative flow


Invite the Natural world and her creatures to inspire you


Play with seasonal prompts


Be in a supportive, creative community space


January 27th, 2024, 10:00am - 11:30am PST via Zoom

space for your creative self to wander



I'm Claire. 

And my passion is helping others unlock their unique creative voice in the world, in whatever form that takes.

Whether you write, paint, fold, cook, parent, sing, hike – there is a creative self that is an essential part of you. This magical part of yourself sees a tree, a cat, a tomato, a sunset, in ways that no one else does.

Together, let's uncage your inner creative creature and see what she wants to play with!


How will we meet?

Since we are a global community, we use Zoom as a gathering space. You'll receive an email with the link when you save your seat along with all the details.

What do I need to bring?

You can bring any current creative project, colorful tools you love, or even a new tool or project you'd like to start. 

Will I need to share?

All sharing is optional! This is a safe space that we create together. As such, there are no recordings and everyone is encouraged to be both on and off camera as you need.

Should I bring a journal?

Sure! If writing is your creative tool of choice, there will be plenty of opportunities for your to dive deep with the words of the season.

What if my creative self is scared?

We all lose touch with that inner, creative child from time to time. Don't worry – if you sign up and show up, so will they. 

Wander into the SPARKLING WINTER DREAM of creativity within you.


January 27th, 2024